French flag

Cononley’s choice of Modern Foreign Language is French and it is taught throughout Key Stage 2. Our French Curriculum aims to:

  • help children develop their awareness of cultural differences in other countries
  •  develop their speaking and listening skills
  •  speak with increasing confidence and fluency and to be continually improving their pronunciation
  •  learn useful vocabulary that will assist in real life situations read and write another language
  •  be aware that language structure can differ from one language to another
  •  develop an enthusiasm for language that will lay the foundations for future study at Key Stage 3.

What our pupils will learn (intent):  

We use the North Yorkshire Scheme of Work for French to deliver the National Curriculum for Modern Foreign Languages to Years 3,4,5,& 6 (Key Stage 2).  The scheme of work is fun and creative and engages children with themes such as Food, Animals, Festivals, Me and My Family, Free Time and Holidays. Different aspects of the themes are repeated each year, with vocabulary, questions and conversations increasing in complexity as children progress through Key Stage 2. Children begin by responding to spoken French and move on to reading and writing in French as they become more advanced. Children are also taught the basic geography of France, as well some of the cultural similarities and differences (school, Easter and Christmas)

How our pupils will be taught (implementation): 

French is taught weekly to pupils in Key Stage 2. There is a rolling programme to take account of the mixed-age structure of our classes. 

Progression and Assessment

Assessment is carried out informally during lessons in order to evaluate what the children have learnt. Sticky knowledge checks take place at regular intervals (roughly at 2, 6 and 12 weeks after completing a topic). The four key areas of assessment are listening and responding, speaking, reading and responding and written work and images. 


The impact of French Curriculum will be evaluated at the end of the year.