EYFS Children with leaves.
Children on monkey bars.
Children building with crates in playground.
Pupils in a lesson
Two girls doing water play in the early years playground

Our School Ethos

At Cononley Primary School, staff, governors, children and parents work together to create a warm, caring, family atmosphere in which pupils flourish and achieve. 

Our Mission Statement

At Cononley Primary School we are committed to inspiring and challenging our children:

  • To become independent lifelong learners and thinkers.
  • To value and respect themselves and others.
  • To reach their full potential and become the best possible citizens of tomorrow.

Our Vision and Values

Inspiring and challenging our children:

Our curriculum is rich and stimulating: we provide learning experiences which are challenging and inspiring for our children so that they become creative, independent learners. Everyone is motivated  to achieve and achievement is celebrated. 

Independent lifelong learners and thinkers:

Our children are provided with the tools to succeed at the next stage of their education and throughout their lives through  experiences which develop character, cultural understanding, curiosity, resilience and confidence.  

Value and respect themselves and others:

Our children know how to be happy, healthy and safe; they are kind, polite and work cooperatively, recognising that everyone can make a worthwhile contribution. 

Reach their full potential and become the best possible citizens of tomorrow:

We set high standards for our pupils and expect them to work to the best of their ability at all times. Our children enjoy taking responsibility; they respect others and their surroundings and work hard to make positive changes within our school community and the wider world.