Children printing in an art lesson

School Rules

At Cononley Primary School, we promote positive behaviour using our school rules, which were developed by the School Council, pupils, staff and governors. They support our vision and values. 

  • Follow adult instructions.
  • Use kind words and actions.
  • Respect each other and property.
  • Be polite. 

Co-operative Learning

At Cononley, we use Co-operative Learning strategies which have been developed, researched and refined by the Success for All team since the 1980s. Our children work together in teams, earning points for demonstrating the following learning behaviours: 

  • Practise active listening
  • Help and encourage each other
  • Everyone participates
  • Explain your ideas and tell why
  • Complete tasks

Co-operative Learning works because there is:

1. A clear focus on learning goals. 

2. It engages all learners.

3. It encourages interdependence and team work

4. It develops language skills.

5. It motivates and celebrates achievement.